Mala necklace – Amethyst, Angelite and peach moonstone (MN-0005)


This stunning hand knotted Mala necklace has been made with amethyst, angelite and peach moonstone 6mm rounds, rose gold colour coated haematite saucers as the marker beads and it features a rose gold colour haematite Buddha head situated above a faceted amethyst Guru bead.

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This stunning Mala necklace has been lovingly hand knotted on a dusky pink thread, with a combination of 108 amethyst, angelite and peach moonstone 6mm rounds, rose gold coloured haematite saucers serve as the marker beads and a beautiful faceted amethyst round for the Guru bead.

The multi coloured tassel is handmade in shades of blue, pink and purple, which compliment the gemstones.

There is no clasp or fastening on this necklace, its long enough to simply pop it on over the head.

This Mala necklace measures approximately 56.5cm, this includes the Guru bead and the tassel.

Amethyst – A great all round gemstone that provides the wearer with tranquility, calmness and inner peace. Amethyst is a protective stone aiding in the removal of negativity, fear and anxiety.

Angelite – A high virbrational stone that is great to meditate with, as it will help the wearer to connect with their guardian angel or spirit guide, helping you to attune to the spiritual dimension for insight. Assisting with the interpretation and understanding of your dreams.

Peach moonstone – A calming stone that brings relief to emotional issues such as depression or anger, it aids the wearer to sort through these emotions and understand them better. Peach moonstone can help reignite your passion for the things that make you happy in life and in this world.

Haematite – A grounding stone that helps to remove negativity and protects the wearer from negative energies. Gives you confidence and optimism which helps boost your self-esteem, helping you to focus and concentrate on the important things in your life.


Please note: The belief in the properties of gemstones is a personal choice and is not medically or scientifically proven.