Mala Necklace – Freshwater Pearls with Sterling Silver (MN-0002)


This stunning Mala necklace has been made with beautiful freshwater cultured pearls, in shades of teal and lilac. It has large teal pearls as the Guru and marker beads and sterling silver accents.

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This stunning 108, hand knotted, pearl Mala necklace is a beautiful alternative to the traditional style.

The freshwater cultured pearls that make up the main body of the necklace, are in shades of teal and lilac. Each pearl is unique and beautiful in its own right and together they are simply stunning. The pearl marker and Guru beads are a darker shade of teal, and larger in size in comparison to the other 108. Sterling silver spacers bring a balance to the finished piece and enhance the overall design.

The hand made tassel is a beautiful shade of pale gold/green.

There is no clasp or fastening on this necklace, its long enough to simply pop it on over the head.

This Mala necklace measures approximately 67mm including the Guru beads and tassel.

Pearls – Symbolizing purity, pearls are known for their calming and centering effect, they represent serenity, integrity and loyalty. They can help to strengthen valuable relationships and offer a sense of safety. They are believed to offer the wearer protection and attract prosperity and good luck.


Please note: The belief in the properties of gemstones is a personal choice as they are not medically or scientifically proven.