Mala Necklace – Tigers eye (MN-0025)


This stunning Mala necklace has been hand knotted on dark red thread using 108 tigers eye smooth rounds, with black onyx round marker beads and a large round tigers eye Guru bead.

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This stunning hand knotted Mala necklace has been lovingly made using 108 tigers eye 8mm rounds, it has 10mm black onyx rounds as the marker beads and large 14mm tigers eye Guru bead.

The tassel has been hand made in a lovely shade of dark red.

There is no clasp or fastening on this necklace, as its long enough to simply pop it on over the head.

The necklace measures approximately 67.5cm including the Guru bead and the tassel.


Tigers eye – A stone of strength, determination and courage, its a great stone for positive thought and drive. Believed to protect the wearer from negative energies, it also helps promote self confidence by aiding in the reduction of fear and anxiety, this is a stone of empowerment.

Black onyx – A grounding stone that helps the wearer to focus and think clearly, giving you self confidence it helps you to push yourself forward in your life. It can shield and protect you from negative energies and can help you to adjust to your surroundings without feeling overwhelmed.


Please note: The belief in the properties of gemstones is a personal choice and is not medically or scientifically proven.